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Ready for a new start of month-long, intentional, self-reflection and leveling up? Then this journal's got your name on it. Now this ain't just any old journal, now--it's your secret tool for tapping in to the true YOU that you desire. We're talking about pages packed with space to map out your self-care strategies, thought provoking journaling prompts, and affirmations to keep your spirits lifted, all to get a real good look at who you are. Just remember, a journal is like a potluck; you bring something to the table, you leave with something just as good. Make your seat at the self-care table count. 


Monthly Self-Care Journal [Digital]

  • 130 pages. Printable and fillable pdf version. Intended for use on desktop/laptop or printed paper.

    *Note: Some mobile devices do not support fillable pdf's. 

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